Parish charity service "Caritas-Pechers'k"

«Winds of hope»

2009, Sep 24

Project: «Winds of hope»

Executive: Curacy of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of St. Mykola on Askold grave in city of Kyiv

Project aim: Providing of spiritual guardianship and social assistance to disabled children, people of old age requiring any assistance, HIV positive persons with the aim of improvement of the life and health quality for them and their family members.

Target group: 25-30 persons

  • 16 families with disabled children (on the basis of created group of mutual assistance for family members with disabled children)
  • 10 persons of old age requiring any assistance
  • 5 HIV positive families

Project task:

  • Establishing of trustful relations with mothers and their children who are sick with a cerebral palsy.  Spiritual guardianship, catechism.  Lessons to be arranged monthly at fund premises.  Priest is intended to visit families for closer acquaintance subject to preliminary arrangement, to ascertain a problem and determining a possibility for providing assistance.  Cultural guardianship for families.
  • Priest will visit parishioners who are not able to go the church and take part in liturgies due to their health condition. (Place of their residence or in hospitals). Confession.  Holy Communion. 5-6 persons monthly.
  • Priest will visit lonely people of old age who suffer physically and spiritually and ask for spiritual knowledge and support. 5-6 persons monthly.
  • Visiting HIV positive families.  Spiritual guardianship. Support.  Relations with 3 families are established already.
  • Social employees/volunteers of the project will provide in-house services that do need it – upon request – sanitary assistance, cooking, cleaning the houses, good purchasing, etc.
  • Providing car for transportation of ill children (who may move only on wheelchair) with parent’s permission to visit church liturgies, to communicate with other children, to attend concerts.
  • Repair of church car Peugeot of 1995: external repair – straightening and painting, saloon repair – renovation of seating places.
  • Food purchase (oil, sugar, grits, canned food, tea), goods of individual sanitary and cleaning means - $10 per person monthly.
  • Purchasing medicines of first aid - $4 per person monthly; children and spiritual literature.

Project personnel: Priest, 2 social employees/volunteers, driver

Project description:  Every Friday the priest (upon request with social employee) will visit wards (subject to preliminary agreement) in their houses or in places of residence on church car.  The priest will visit every person monthly, or more often – if needed and will deliver humanitarian package with food, goods of individual sanitary, cleaning means, medicaments and literature.  The services will be rendered only after clarification of every person’s needs in particular.  One of the main problems of all wards is loneliness, thus it is important to listen their life stories and be patient to their problems.  Social employee will assist on house daily work.  If necessary - communal services may be paid.

Concert’s and excursion’s visits will be organized of children, as well as visits to the church for main Christian holidays.

Project duration – 1 year

Project budget:

Food, goods of individual sanitary and cleaning means: $ 3 000

Medicaments: $1 200

Children’s entertainment: $300

Car/transportation expenses (repair, fuel, technical inspection): $800

Payment for communal services: $300

Children’s spiritual literature: $200

Telephone cards: $60

Unforeseen expenses: $160

Total: $ 7000

Payment for employee’s work and transportation: contribution of organisation

Parish charity service "Caritas-Pechers'k"
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Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom and the power, and the glory are yours, forever and ever. Amen.

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