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«Assistance for children of imprisoned mothers»

2009, Sep 24

Project: «Assistance for children of imprisoned mothers»

Executive: Curacy of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of St. Mykola on Askold grave in city of Kyiv

Project aim: Financial and moral assistance for children of imprisoned mothers who reside in orphanages or with tutors.  Set up family relations between child and mother.

Target group:

46 children requested about communication or some certain assistance.

4 children from family of many children who suffered from flood in fall 2008 in Carpathian region.

Project description

4 humanitarian packages, including food, means of individual sanitary, spiritual literature, clothes, shoes, greeting cars and letter from parishioner’s children. An aim of such step is to create moral valuables, faith in good will, feeling of emotional experience and absolution.  In order to receive every next parcel child should write a letter to his/her mother and answer us.  Also 2 children with tutor’s permit will have summer recreation at seaside.

  1. As the result of the action “School briefcase” announced on website and at the Church on Askold grave we gathered a lot of school exercise books, stationery and different school accessories.  First humanitarian package anticipates assistance in arranging school briefcase.  Means of individual sanitary will be purchased.  In the letter a priest will bless a child for a happy new school year and will be sent in September.
  2. A second parcel will contain food, means of individual sanitary, clothes and shoes (donation of parishioners and volunteers) and literature.  In a package child will find St. Mykola’s icon, history of his life and offer to give a gift to St. Mykola – to learn pray, to draw or to write smth for his/her mother and/or St. Mykola; to study difficult lesson, etc.  A package will be sent during October-November.
  3. A third humanitarian package will be sent with gifts from St. Mykola – sweets, toys and books.  Food will be purchased.  In a letter a child will find a Christmas greetings and greetings from parishioners’ children.  A package will be sent during December-January.
  4. At website and in the church action “Easter basket” will be announced with a purpose to create Easter basket for children and to teach parishioners’ children to share with poor children. We will buy means of individual sanitary.  On catechism lessons parishioners’ children will write greetings and will put in children’s basket.  Gifts will be sent during April-May.
  5. In May we will write an expenses report indicating quantity/quality indexes and our experience.  We will select two children who will go for seaside recreation upon their tutor’s permission in June 2010.
  6. A humanitarian package will include.

Food: oil - 11 UAH, sugar -7 UAH, cans 2pcs – 20 UAH, biscuits – 6 UAH, condensed milk – 6 UAH, candies, tea/Easter cake – 20 UAH. Total 70 UAH.

Means of individual sanitary: tooth paste, tooth brush – 16 UAH, soap 4 pcs -12 UAH, detergent -12 UAH. Total 40 UAH.

Project executives: 2 social employees

Monitoring/Feedback. Receiving a humanitarian package is confirmed by user of the project by sending on our address the letter-notification which the receiver may found in our parcel.

Quarterly the recent news and developments of the project will be posted at website of Askold grave.  Children’s letters will be submitted in order to attract good will people who will be able to join for children’s support.

Project budget


Expense item






Organization contribution


Envelopes with stamps

400 pcs х 2 UAH





Humanitarian package: food

50 persons х 70 UAH х 3 times





Humanitarian package: means

of individual sanitary

50 persons х 40 UAH х 3 times





Post office expenses

400 g/p х 15 UAH

6 000




Clothes, shoes, spiritual and faction literature






Employee’s work

2 persons





Post office pack/box

400 psc








2 900


Parish charity service "Caritas-Pechers'k"
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